On Aug.26, my sister, Mary Brewer, had shoulder surgery. On Sept.21, she was having trouble breathing so she went to the hospital. She had blood clots in both lungs and her right leg. Her doctor said it was because she didn't move around enough. They then found a large blood clot in her heart. She was told the only way to get rid of it was to go into her heart and blast it, and her chances of surviving was almost zero. On Tues, Sept 24, they said her heart was enlarging and they would have to do the procedure the next day.

I had contacted friends in Nev, IL, IN, OK and TX, plus my own church to pray for her. Wed. afternoon, they decided to try a less dangerous procedure to see if it would help. While doing the procedure, they were watching a monitor and said that they couldn't find the clot and also the enlarged part of her heart was back to normal.

When she talked to her doctor, she told him that GOD had used him, and his response was that, "no, it was all GOD". When someone says to me that it was a miracle, I say, "yes, a miracle performed by GOD".

She still has the clots in her lungs and leg, but the doctor said they would eventually be absorbed by her body and in the meantime, she will be on blood thinner.

We can't praise GOD enough!


"If you ever make any kind of other t-shirt let me know…I love mine that says Just Pray… I have it hanging on my bedroom door. When I'm having a bad time I see that shirt and something comes over me girl."

I have a dear friend with whom I have spent hours on the phone just praising God and talking about his faithfullness. She gave me some JUST PRAY bumper stickers. I put two of them on my bumper, one on the lower part and one on the top. I wanted anyone in a semi or truck to be able to see them.

When I moved to IL 5 years ago, I said I could not drive on the freeways around Chicago. Since putting the JUST PRAY bumper stickers on my car, I drive on the freeways and toll ways. As I enter the on-ramp, I ask God to give me space to merge onto the freeway. So far I can think of only a couple of times that He has not given me plenty of space. I figure those couple of times were a reminder for me to be thankful for what He does for me.

Recently I stopped at a small store and had to run in leaving my precious little dog in the car. While waiting to be waited on, I stuck my head out the door to check on my dog and a lady was looking at my bumper. She was still there when I came out and she asked me if this was my car. I said yes and as she pointed at the JUST PRAY bumper stickers she said, "thank you, thank you." Then she said,"I would like to hug you" and I asked her what was stopping her. She gave me a strong hug, then as she walked away, she again thanked me. I didn't ask her why the bumper stickers had such an impact on her. I figured that was between her and God. For some reason, since I put the JUST PRAY bumper stickers on my car, I feel much closer to GOD and safe when I am driving.

Sondra Blankenship

I live in Port Richey, Fl in Embassy Hills. I was driving my mother home when I noticed the car in front of me had the Just Pray sticker on it. Then I read the web-site. I thought that was wonderful!!! Praise God!!! Whoever is responsible for this ministry I am forever grateful.

It's a blessing. And it will also remind people that they need to pray and talk to God.

Joyful in Him,

"If you ever make any kind of other t-shirt let me know…I love mine that says Just Pray… I have it hanging on my bedroom door. When I'm having a bad time I see that shirt and something comes over me girl."


"Just Pray…after 6 long hours those were the words I repeated in my head over and over as I waited for my testing score to pop up on the screen. As a financial advisor I have to take many difficult licensing tests to be a qualified planner in the business and unfortunately pressure and anxiety get to me as a test taker. Having not passed this exam twice before I just knew this time had to be it, heaven knows I knew the material by now! I could have chalked it up to the good ole’ saying “third times a charm”, but I believe it had something to do with the faith I put into my Just Pray t-shirt I wore that day. Now I am proud to say that I am now on my way to becoming a successful financial planner and I plan on wearing my Just Pray t-shirt every step of the way!"


"I have the "Just Pray" bumper sticker on my car. Last week I was at the gas station and a lady came up to me and thanked me for putting that sticker on my car. She did not go into details but told me she was going through some bad times and did'nt know what to do. She said when she saw my bumper sticker she knew what the answer to her problems was. All she needed to do is "just pray". We don't always know what influence we may have on other people's lives, and as Christians we are always being watched. We need to be a light to the lost and an encouragement to our brothers and sisters in Christ."



"I have grown up in a Christian home, where my dad has been a pastor for the last 13 or so years! However, even though I consider myself to be a committed believer, it is good to have a reminder every now and then. I work for the company who prints your bumper stickers. The day the artwork came in was a rather rough day. Just seeing that simple message on my computer screen seemed to lift my spirits and remind me that I am not alone. Thank you once again for the ministry. You truly are a blessing!!"


"I come to know Marilynn through my job at a call center...she called in one night to take care of some personal business and we became friends from that conversation....She is a wonderful spirited person with a huge heart......and she has started something here with that I hope to see grow and grow across the states...I know I plan to do my part to spread the word....Just Pray! How simple is that? And the power behind that is HUGE! God Bless Marilynn......."

Shelly Messersmith

Keeping a small child safe

A small 2-year-old child lay in a hospital bed after child abuse affected his life. No one knew what this poor baby had to endure, but fortunately God stepped in and said enough. His family prayed night and day to keep this child safe so he could grow up a healthy, happy adult. After he was released from the hospital, he was placed with his father and grandparents where he would wear to bed a very large shirt that read "just pray." Prayer saved this baby along with the faith in God his family has. He is prayed for nightly and his family knows that with prayer and God on his side that he will remain safe.

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